About Us

el-mawasem is a family-run business with over 50 years of experience and we continue to grow. The company is driven by the manager Mahmoud Itani, who represents the third generation of his family dedicated to the fresh produce industry.


Our Mission

Our first objective is to provide our customers with quality fresh produce and the highest level of service at competitive prices. Moreover, we aim to meet the demand of the Lebanese market in the field of fresh produce.


Second, we aim to further expand our business in the Middle Eastern countries and the Gulf Region where we have already established very good relations with companies in KSA and UAE as well as in some African Countries such as Sudan.

Our Success Story

Itani says that, throughout the years we have learned that the key to success is in building good relationships. We work closely with our customers to learn what products work best for them. Then we work closely with our suppliers and growers to get the best products to our customers. We seek growers willing to establish a partnership in quality assurance based on mutual trust and communication.

Our success is attributed to our insistence on our Commitment to

Quality from packing to delivering our products are continuously subject to quality control.


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